“Menorah Medley is the best Chanukah arrangement there is for band. Period!  We could hear the audience humming along, and we will include it in our Winter holiday concert every year.”
Michael Iannicello, Conductor
Syosset Community Band

“Michael, we loved your arrangement so much of ‘Look To The Rainbow’ that you wrote for Marcia, that we ordered ‘All The Things You Are’ for her as well.  Another winner.  That makes six of your charts in our library . . . all winners!”
Les Muncaster, Director
Kingdom of the Sun Concert Band

…the “Wonder Why/You’re Just In Love” arrangement for our two singers was such a success, that we came back and ordered seven more vocal charts and one instrumental. Delighted to say they are a permanent part of our repertoire!
Steve Matthes, Director
Corvallis Community Band

It was with great reluctance that I ordered “Twinkle Variations” for my flute soloist.  Thought it would be simple and silly.  Imagine my surprise at finding it provided her with an opportunity to show her many talents.  The band and the audience too loved it.  Thanks!
Ray Wifler, Music Director
Fond du Lac Symphonic Band

Michael, I was delighted to see your name as the arranger for the “Six, Must Have Utilities” and purchased a set for the new band in Le Grangeville.  Terrific!  We got an excellent version of the S.S.B., a couple of fanfares, “Happy Birthday,” etc.  Now we’re ready for anything. Warmest regards.
Howard Goodrich, Director
Le Grangeville Concert Band

Michael, hope you enjoy this CD of God Bless America and Some Enchanted Evening, recorded at our recent concert.  Very good arrangements.  Thanks so much.
James Snowden, Music Director
East Texas Symphonic Band

You captured the right sound for the Old Mill’s “Every Day Is Lady’s Day For Me” and it was a big hit for Mark, our singer.  So much so that we came back and ordered “The House I live In”…and this too was a rousing success!  Thanks Michael.
Sam Hudak, Director
Farmington Valley Band

‘Dancin’ ‘Round The World was a huge hit at our concert.  The audience loved the little piece of show business at the end with the 2nd trumpet player wiping the brow of the 1st player before what they believed to be the last high note.  A real terrific arrangement, you should sell hundreds of copies.  Bravo, Bravo!
Steven Michael Smith, Conductor
Senior Pops of Long Island

Michael, I can’t thank you enough for “Thirty Tunes for Tots!”  It’s everything I wanted it to be, and the adults in the audience were singing along whenever they could. A huge hit, we will perform it over and over again in years to come.
Denise Meshejian, Director
South Shore Brass

Thanks to you I now have several vocals with band accompaniment instead of having to sing over music written for concert band.  They are huge successes and I’ll be back for more!
Ava Steiner, Vocalist
Queensborough Community Band

The Rotary March was a big hit with the Rotarians in the audience - just what you promised.
Ronald Demkee, Director
The Allentown Band

You were right about your arrangement of “Fiddler On The Roof.”  It does require a full and talented band, but boy - is it worth it! Lot’s of subtlety, nuance, careful blending, but it does paint the picture perfectly and captures the essence of what transpires on stage.  A masterful job Michael, just terrific!
Roger McConnell, Music Director
The Civic Band of Muncie

The “Soliloquy” (My Boy Bill) from Carousel is so good, I thought you’d purloined it from the Broadway pit!  What a thrill to sing it with you.  Thanks.
Jason Whitfield, Baritone